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Shifting Attitudes On Psychedelics

A forthcoming survey in the Psychedelic Medicine journal uncovers a noteworthy shift in the perspectives of American psychiatrists regarding the therapeutic potential of psychedelics.

In contrast to a 2016 survey involving demographically similar participants, the current results indicate a substantial transformation. Presently, 80.9% of respondents believe psychedelics show promise in treating psychiatric conditions, and 60.8% perceive potential in addressing substance use disorders. Furthermore, the survey showcases robust endorsement, with 93.9% of psychiatrists supporting psychedelic research for psychiatric conditions and 88.6% advocating for its exploration in substance use disorder treatment.

This shift in sentiment reflects a growing optimism surrounding the therapeutic possibilities of psychedelics and a diminished concern about potential risks among American psychiatrists.

The survey, executed by contacting 1,000 randomly selected members of the American Psychiatric Association, illuminates a marked evolution in psychiatrists’ viewpoints since 2016, when many harbored reservations about the potential hazards associated with hallucinogens.

The results also suggest that a majority of psychiatrists are amenable to incorporating psychedelic-assisted therapy into their practice once legal constraints are lifted, signaling an increasing acceptance of psychedelic medicine within the psychiatric community. Here’s to the ongoing progress in psychedelic research!