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About us

our story

The founder of Melange began their mission to help others after discovering the benefits of plant medicines while battling PTSD and seeking an alternative to the prevalent and seemingly ineffective treatments of pharmaceutical drugs. 

The support and recognition of the changes taking place prompted others around the founder to want to try as well, quickly growing as the message spread. Soon a brand was created, inspired by the spice melange of Dune, a favorite book of the founder whose central substance was allegedly inspired by mushrooms the writer had experience with himself.

our mission

One of the first challenges was the perception so many had for decades of mushrooms being portrayed in a silly and unsophisticated manner. Visuals of cheesy 60’s era iconography, out of date and out of touch with the modern times, has made accepting mushrooms in the wider culture difficult to say the least.

To help change this image, Melange was tasked with being a more modern brand, ditching the colorful and outdated look for something unique and refined, while putting priority on quality and consistency. 

At the same time, it was important to help in the wider push to educate and inform people all around about the benefits of plant medicines. Imagine the lives we can change if more people had access to these life saving drugs.